About us

We are a BRC accredited supplier.

We offer a bespoke flavor development service.

We provide quality assured in-house technical support.


Flaverco is a Flavour house manufacturing a wide and varied range of Flavours and Colours with a view to meeting the specific needs of our customer in an every evolving market place.

Flaverco offers a technical assistance during the product development stages for new and innovative products being developed by our customers. Our in-house flavourist allows Flaverco to offer a bespoke flavour and colour products in a timely fashion to our customer. This coupled with our experienced scientists with expertise in Bakery, Confectionary, Beverage and Dairy sectors allows Flaverco to offer a complete service to our customers during the development process.

Flaverco operated in its BRC factory in Preston, England ensuring that our customers not only get high level technical service during the development of new products but also get a high quality product meeting all the quality requirements in a highly regulated market.


about us

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