Flaverco offer a wide range of traditional and modern flavours for confectionery applications including hard boiled sweets, soft candy, gum based jellies and chocolate. These flavours can be available in natural or standard form, with low minimum order quantity when purchasing liquid format. We also provide liquid and powder colours to the confectionary industry, from bright yellow tartrazine to natural pink carmine; these enhance the visual appeal and shades can be matched to a particular flavour upon request.


Flaverco traditionally specialised in bakery application and have a wide range of bake stable products from the likes of rich butter flavours for use in croissants to natural and synthetic colours suitable for cupcakes. We also have a range of compounds where a colour and flavour is combined into one Flaverco product and these are great for icing and fondant.


Our products are perfect for beverage application; whether it be flavours, colours or sweeteners you’re looking to source, we’ve got you covered. We offer flavours that are sweet and fruity, the tastes of traditional soft drinks and alcoholic type flavours, all of which can be suitable for still, sparkling, hot, cold, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage products.


Flaverco’s flavours and colours are highly suitable for milk based food and drink as well as dairy alternatives. We provide savoury and sweet flavours for yoghurts, cheeses, milkshakes and ice cream and have recently developed an Ice Cream Flavours and Colours Booklet, available upon request, which lists our products that are popular in frozen dessert application. In relation to the increasing ‘free from allergens’ food market, Flaverco’s products are great for replacing flavours and colours that are lost or not present in allergen free foods; not only are most of our products free from allergens and suitable for vegans, but we offer flavours that taste of milk, cream, cheese and yoghurt which could improve sensory properties of dairy alternatives.

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