Sweet Flavours

sweet flavours

Flaverco’s technical team are continuously developing new sweet flavours to suit the trends of the confectionary and beverage industries. The ever increasing library includes tastes of fruit, traditional treats, unique sweets, retro candies, soft drink flavours and many more. Sweet & Fruit flavours trends are constantly changing as new innovations and ideas are created. Through our close collaboration with our customers, we have created new and exciting Sweet and Fruit flavours for various different products which allow Flaverco to be at the cutting edge of new flavours trends in the market. Most of these are available in natural and suitable for many applications such as bakery, confectionary, drinks and frozen desserts.

Sweet Flavours

Apple Crumble Caramelised apple
Apple and Cinnamon Caramel Toffee
Banoffee Chocolate
Barley sugar Chocolate -Dark
Bubblegum Chocolate Mint
Butter Toffee Chocolate Orange
Butter Vanilla Chocolate -White
Buttermint Christmas pudding
Butterscotch Coconut
Cake Coffee
Cappuchino Cola
Caramel Cookie
Cough Candy Rose
Custard Sticky Toffee Pudding
Fruit cake Strawberry &amp cream
Honey Toffee
Ice-Cream Toffee Vanilla
Maple Treacle
Mocha Treacle Toffee
Rhubarb and custard Turkish Delight
Rhubarb Crumble Vanilla (extensive library)
Rich Fruit Vanilla Creamy
Rum & Butter Vanilla Bali
Rum & Raisin Vanilla Bourbon

Alcoholic Beverages

Amaretto Beer
Cherry Brandy Cider
Irish Whisky Kirsch
Pina Colada Rum
Whisky Whisky liquer
Brandy Champagne
Gin Irish Cream
Maraschino Peach schnapps
Sherry Sparkling Wine

NaturalNatural, ArtificialArtificial

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